Things To Know About Wood And Plastic Pallet Systems

Those of you who work in the warehousing and logistics industry would already be extremely familiar with the type of pallet ting systems which go on in the day to day work in a warehouse. Pallets prove to be extremely beneficial as they help to store goods in the relevant places in the warehouse and also make transporting them up and down extremely convenient. However, while most warehouses operate with both wooden and plastic pallets, there is a significant difference between the two. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and thus prove to be useful for different purposes of the warehousing activities.

Here are some of the main benefits and drawbacks of using both wooden and plastic pallets.

Wooden Pallet Systems

The more popular of the two pallet systems would be the wooden pallets. However, in the case of a fire emergency, you may need to ensure that these pallets are not anywhere near the fire as the goods on the pallet may perish very fast. This applies even more when the amount of accidents due to fire in a warehouse tends to be on the high side. Another downfall of owning wooden pallets in your warehouse is the sustainability of them. They don’t really last for very long and are also subject to pesky creatures such as termites. While this may not directly affect the immediate products and services on it, you may want to look out in the case of food, as these animals would inevitably be attracted to it as well. Further, your investment in pallets would also be easily destroyed due to the easily perishable conditions of a wooden pallet. Further, wooden pallets are also on the difficult side to operate. They are heavy and usually only come in a few sizes. This makes navigating through the narrow aisles in a warehouse extremely difficult. The only benefit of owning wooden pallets would be the extremely minimal cost in purchasing them. They are cheaper in comparison to plastic pallets, and may prove to be even more beneficial if you only need them in the short run.

Plastic Pallet Systems

Due to the shortcoming of the aforesaid wooden pallets, most modern firms and warehousing companies have turned to plastic pallet systems. As stated before, the occurrence of fire in the warehouse would not be rare, and thus plastic pallets would be able to withstand most high temperatures.

This is only if the specific type for resistant plastic has also been incorporated in the pallet, which in most cases is. Plastic pallets also allow better storage as they come in different sizes and are thus easier to navigate through small spaces within the warehouse. They can also be folded and stored easily. Its lightweight also makes operations much more convenient and easy. The only drawback would be its price. It is almost 3 times as much of a wooden pallet.

This of course, in the long run, would be a great investment, depending on the scale of your warehouse.

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