How to Revamp Your Backyard?

A backyard can be a great place to hang around, have a family get together with barbeque and a place to relax; if only it has been laid out in a way appropriate for it. At the same time, it can get very messy because it gets neglected very often and it becomes dirty with dried and dead leaves, stems. During the colder season its only obvious people don’t like going out and tending to their backyard but with the summer approaching it might be the best time to give your backyard a little makeover so you can have it as a great place to hang out.

Regardless of the size of your backyard arrangement can be made to make a place most suitable for you.

Demarcate Your Space

According to the area, try to delineate the space for a different arrangement, if your backyard is a bit small you can have few pots and plants with a barbeque spot and a spot for tables with chairs. Depending on the size of your backyard assign slots for different settings.

If the backyard is big you can have areas with different purposes, an area for cooking, another area for dining, another place for lounging and another maybe a playing area for the kids, or you can even have a fountain or pond.

Clean Up the Area

If you are starting to clean the backyard after a long time, the grasses might have grown a lot and there may be a lot of shed leaves and other debris. And plants that would have withered plus any items that you would have discarded. So first and foremost you will have to clean the entire area by raking out the plant waste and sweeping the rest and dispose of the rubbish removal Melbourne.


Regardless of your backyard size it would be a good idea to have a seating area so that family members or friends can hang around. Find a small couch if your backyard is small and have a canopy over it so that it can provide shade during the sunny season and protection in the rainy season.

If you have a big area in your backyard you can place a bigger couch to one side of the backyard with a canopy over it and dining table and chairs in the allotted spot to have your meals. You can dedicate an area for cooking placing a grill, in addition you can even have a fire pit near your seating area where you can sit around and roast some marshmallows.


The lighting adds a beautiful look to your backyard, place soft lights like lanterns throughout the backyard along with some bright light. To add a little magical touch hang fairy light around too.


A water element adds a refreshing look to your backyard. If there enough space you build a water fountain or even a pond.


What’s a backyard with no greens, buy plants that grow well in your place, do a little research on what kind of greens are mostly found in your area and plant them. To maintain your backyard it is essential to look after it, therefore make sure the backyard is maintained regularly.

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