Fashion Mistakes That Needs To Be Avoided

A lot of us make mistakes and that is part of learning process. None of us are mistakes, and they are the ones that teach us some of the greatest life lessons. So if you are trying to look stylish and experimenting with your looks then here are some of the mistakes one needs to avoid:

Blindly Following the Fashion

This is something a lot of people do and this has to stop. If you want to look stylish and good then it does not mean that you need to wear that dress which is all over social media. You need to keep in mind that everyone has different body shape, size and skin tone colour. So what looks good on those skinny models might not look as great on you. So pick an outfit which complements your body type, if you are going to be spending all of the time trying to fix your dress then you might not be able to carry yourself properly. Apart from this you need to pick an outfit that you are comfortable in it. So if you feel that jeans is too tight then you should probably not wear that at an important event. Comfort is always greater than fashion.

Not Having Varieties of Clothes

A lot of people try to play safe when it comes to styling. If they are comfortable in a particular type of top or pants then they keep repeating it all the time. This needs to be avoided because then you won’t look truly stylish. You will have to upgrade your style game by having different kinds of clothes in your wardrobe this means you need to have shalwar, miniskirts ,  crop tops and palazzo. Having different styles will allow you to experiment. You also need to get those colourful tee shirts which have cartoon figures or printed figures on them. They look super cute for a day time outing. A lot of people don’t buy such tops because they are unable to iron them properly. So get those where you could iron on transfers they are inexpensive and can be worn at any time during the day.

Not Looking After Your Skin

We women are sort of blessed as we have makeup to save us from a zit or sudden redness on our face. However, this does not mean that you can take your skin for granted. It is extremely important to look after your skin, a clear looking skin gives confidence and ensure that you don’t layer yourself with makeup and look fake. So make sure you look after your skin, it is a part of looking stylish and beautiful.

If you feel that you have too much of acne or marks in your skin then get it treated. You could either go to a dermatologist or try home remedies or over-the-counter creams. Apart from this make sure you apply sunscreen every time you head out, sun is not your skin’s best friend and this is the best way to avoid pigmentation.

Hope you will avoid making the above mentioned mistakes.

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